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March-April 2002 edition

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In this issue:

Could the EU Survive Le Pen's Victory? (4/25)
Russia to Nato! (4/17)
Open Bouquet (March-April) --

Venezuela (4/14), Present Wars Are Mostly Directed Against Civilians (4/14), King Dagobert -- Bush -- Blair (4/07),
Invoice to Arafat (4/04), And they were so eager to intervene in the Balkans (3/30),
Imperialism "needed" (3/29), Sinister Siren's Song (3/14), The Bull Usually Loses (3/09),
Putting Brakes on Terror? (3/04), Heavily Loaded Momentum (3/01)
Japan Seizes the Ball (4/10)
Behind the Settlers - Kamikaze War (4/04)
Arafat -- Bush and Sharon's "Jew" (4/01)
Peace -- With Whom? (3/27)
Israel, the last Kamikaze in the line? (3/20)
Two Inept Leaders: Sharon and Mugabe (3/17)
Fighting Terror with Bombs Is Like Fighting Bacteria With a Hammer (3/11)
Evil Axis Branches Out (3/10)
People Die Because of Hard to Die Illusions (3/08)
Still Time to Draw the Line? (3/04)
"Cast a Cold Eye ..." (3/01)
Consciousness With the Brain Offline (3/01)
Compendium to New Extracts of Existence (19) (3/01)
Communication Page:
Settlers ..., The New World Starts with Israel ..., Alexander the Great (2)...,
How Many Jews (2)..., I Accuse ..., "YoniStar, SuperStar" ...,
Petty Theft ..., Request for Information ..., "A Message by George Carlin" ..., "Hitler's Jewish Soldiers" ...

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