By William Markiewicz

Le Pen represents anti-immigration (the real clue to his present success), anti-Americanism, anti-EU, but what is he for? "For France" of course; Le Pen represents those who admire France's past glory, meaning its colonial past. This makes him a model ally of the neo-colonial trend growing in the US and Britain. Once France detaches from the European Union it will naturally negotiate its involvement in the New World Order. Germany in turn may have second thoughts about the EU. After all why does Germany need to stay as an equal among the smaller nations? Italy may remember its past ambitions and apply to join the "Imperial Axis" in the joyful hunt for the "Axis of Evil," meaning the rich and weak. Turkey may remind Austria of their fat past when the Hapsburg Empire and Ottoman Empire shared the Balkans and Eastern Europe. Disintegration of the EU would be bad news for those with no muscle. Marx said that past tragedies return as future farces. The Twenty-first century may see a "Holy Alliance" of caricatural empires in quest for caricatural glory and concrete loot.

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