By William Markiewicz

Israel wants to get rid of Arafat, saying that he won't be allowed to return if he goes to Beirut. The American envoy, Zinni, snubs Arafat while Sharon continues to humiliate him. Probably going to Beirut is the only way for Arafat to save his life. But he can't afford to desert his people so he may choose to die with them. The time will come when Israel will miss the old Arafat.

For a long time it hasn't been clear just what Sharon wants to achieve with burning and killing in Palestinian territory; is it to stop terror or for gratuitous vengeance? Was it a Greek king who whipped the ocean because of a tempest that destroyed his fleet?

As I mentioned in a past issue of Vagabond, Marshall Pilsudski declared in the 30s that Jews are the worst politicians in the world. Obviously nothing has changed; Sharon is glad that Bush supports his tough line, but Sharon doesn't see where it leads. In my view a real Machiavellian American plan could be in the works: get rid of Arafat who is as helpless toward terror as he is helpless toward Israel. Get rid of burdensome Israel with the help of terrorists. Then, finally, get rid of terrorists, who will no longer be a major factor. Probably Israel is the most urgent problem for the Arab world. Other problems, like the struggle for influence over oil resources, are less urgent because they've been chronic for decades. America will gladly accept the absence of Israel on the scene along with the existence of an inoffensive Palestine joining neutered Iraq, Iran and Afghanistan. A NWO truce, in imitation of the Pax Romana, will last for a while, meaning as long as the N W O wills it.

Before that happens, Sharon's government will fall of course, but too late. The terrorists will continue to torment Israel, which already behaves like a berserker in panic.

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