By William Markiewicz

Some time ago I read about a Nazi rebirth on an international scale. It seems that Israeli intelligence was able to penetrate and liquidate those closed societies efficiently and discretely. This is the best model for the struggle with secret societies. Bombing countries to eliminate terror is like curing the sickness by killing the patient; entire territories are destroyed with far reaching repercussions on populations, economies and the global environment. Let's not forget that Saberhagen's Berserker was meant to kill life, not a particular form of life. No bombing will replace a fine Intelligence operation.

In the old French film "Faust", Michel Simon who plays the devil sends Faust (Gerard Phillippe) a vision of the world, which will be his. In the vision, Gerard Phillippe is on horseback and all around, to the end of the horizon, there is nothing to see but ashes. Faust asks the Devil, "Is this what I'll achieve?" The Devil answers, "Yes, and you'll do it for their own good." Old, old film and so prophetic...

For the price of a few superbombs, the U.S. could have improved its Intelligence machine. It's laughable that they couldn't find enough Pashtun speakers when needed. With their means and power they should have the most exotic dialects in the world at their disposal. An army of trained agents should be everywhere, sometimes waiting for years for their moment to act. In the meantime they would live an ordinary life, having jobs, businesses, families and friends like everybody else around them. I read that the Soviets sent kids, future agents, to monasteries in Spain to become monks or priests and infiltrate the Church. The kids had a line to keep them alert, a take-off on the prayer, "Con Dios me aquesto, con Dios me levanto, nino Jesus haz me santo." (With God I go to sleep, with God I awake, Infant Jesus make me a Saint!) For them the line was transformed: "Con Lenin me aquesto, con Lenin me levanto, no me gusta el Latin, no quiero ser Santo" (With Lenin I go to sleep, with Lenin I awake, I don't like Latin and I don't want to be a Saint). According to circumstances, Intelligence performs in various tempos.

If the U.S. Intelligence doesn't match its war technology, its because the true objective isn't to pursue some hidden enemy but to physically overpower designated countries under the pretext of fighting terrorism. We live in a true epoch of neo-colonialism, neo-imperialism, and anybody opposed will be called a terrorist.

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