By William Markiewicz

"The Bush administration, in a secret policy review completed early this year, has ordered the Pentagon to draft contingency plans for the use of nuclear weapons against at least seven countries, naming not only Russia and the "axis of evil"--Iraq, Iran, and North Korea--but also China, Libya and Syria." (William M. Arkin, LA Times excerpt)

The casual manner in which the Bush Administration set up its order shows to which extent the U.S. has total confidence in its unparalleled power. It can consider nuking seven countries, including a former superpower -- Russia -- as a police operation rather than an act of world war. There is only one master on earth with the right to weapons of mass destruction.

A while ago I heard a story about a fellow who witnessed this apparently true happening. Lenin got an ultimatum (I don't remember the details) consisting of one point after another in a document several pages long. Lenin, called by his companions, "Nash hitryi muzhik" -- "Our cunning peasant," didn't throw one glance at the document, saying to one of his companions: "Open the book, doesn't matter where." The guy opened the book. Lenin asked, "Which page do you have?" Let's say '48.' "Which paragraph?" Let's say '160.' " Write: "on this point we agree." "Close the book!" "Open the book! Which page are we?" "Seventeen" lets say. "Which paragraph?" "78.". "With this point we disagree!" He had the book opened and closed several times, "choosing paragraphs, agreeing and disagreeing" until the whole book had been covered, without a single look at it. Lenin's goal was to confuse the adversary, to make them dig for the "significance" and to win precious time, which he did.

The U.S., like Lenin, uses its freedom of choice but here the analogy ends. Lenin made his choice from a position of weakness, to win precious time. The U.S. makes free choice from a position of power, choosing its targets. The first intention is to take away from those who have something to lose; oil, uranium, gold, etc. The second objective is to punish those who dare to disagree with the NWO. Was it the Syrian president who said to visiting Tony Blair that most of the terrorists are freedom fighters?

After punishing nations, it may be the turn of individuals --' the 'microbes' -- to be punished. (See "There Is No War But War" ...." in last issue's Open Bouquet). Dudes of the world who have said anything unpleasant to the NWO, prepare your cyanide ...

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