By William Markiewicz

The Marshall Plan, which we can never praise enough, was probably the best anti-imperialist act in history. Without it, the political map of the world would be totally different. After a march on the exhausted Soviet Union, one single superpower would have extended itself throughout the world. The oil countries would be colonies and Europe, unable to compete with the US, would have squeezed into a sort of "soup," difficult to guess what kind. Who can imagine Europe as a peripheral state of the U.S., much like the Roman provinces were for Rome? But, thanks to the Marshall Plan, Europe can withstand and even compete with the USA.


The ongoing Middle East war is a settlers' war. Without the settlers, no terrorism, no occupation -- in sum, peace. Why grab a few miles and ignite the world? The Americans have no interest in defending settlers but they cannot afford to take sides against them because to the (very old) New World Order any revolt is a crime. Bush declared during Sharon's visit to the USA that "first violence must stop, then there will be negotiations." OK, with a little bit of patience negotiations can wait and the status quo may continue, but not when something totally new violates the status quo. Imagine, somebody forces his way into your house, occupies the rooms they choose, and you have to "negotiate"? It's against any fundamental logic and law. So, Bush's order was challenged and the settlers' war has escalated into a settlers - kamikaze war with impact far beyond the Middle East. But, whatever the consequences, Bush sticks to his imperial scenario: first obedience, otherwise invasion will follow with collateral damages, occupation, excuses, and "negotiations." As Bertold Brecht summed it up in one of his pieces, I don't remember the name: "you may survive -- just shut up."

History turns backwards; humanism goes into a long, long hibernation and Darwinism will rule. It's not a matter of economy; we have enough wealth and know how to turn the earth into paradise but those who have a Darwinian lust for power in their blood would find it boring. The PR agencies in their service will constantly entice the enthusiastic masses toward new glories.

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