By William Markiewicz

I remember an old macho joke: "Why are so few women satisfied? Because I cannot be everywhere." I paraphrase: Why do so few people think with their heads? Because those who make the effort to think are not numerous nor powerful enough to influence others.

Sharon was never in the thinking business and Bush, who called the Pakistanis Pakis and the Kamikaze cowards, couldn't be too smart either. But how about all those politicians, journalists, who repeat faithfully that "Arafat didn't do enough to stop terror?" How is it that the masses believe this utter nonsense? Nobody in the past ever suggested that Fidel Castro was responsible for Che Guevara's guerilla activities in Bolivia. Nobody blamed Ireland for the troubles in Belfast. Nobody blamed Albania for the KLA's activities in Kosovo and Macedonia. But now, Arafat is blamed for terror in Israel, and Saddam Hussein is accused of planning to destroy America... There is no sense of proportion; they could as well include Lichtenstein in the plot, which probably would also be accepted. We know the story about "the Jews and the cyclists."

Each guerilla or terror group -- there is practically no difference -- is a highly autonomous structure, well integrated in the territory of their operations. All countries that have faced terror know how many years it takes to battle it, usually with partial success. The outsider Arafat cannot be responsible for the terror in Israel for the simple reason that the Kamikaze can afford to ignore him.

Then why the witch hunt? Here comes the comparison with the Jews. The Jews were the weakest part in nations. Arafat, Saddam Hussein, only because of their weakness, attract thunderstorms of accusations. Another "Jew" is Milosevic on whom the powers can sharpen their teeth. The Jews were highly visible and this gave them a false aura of power, which was really weakness in disguise. If you make money, you can be "influential" but it doesn't protect you from those with no money but with weapons, which you don't have. The masses "who don't think with their heads" are hypnotized by appearances, but viscerally smell weakness and the rich but physically weak become a potential scapegoat. Therefore practically all nations to whom the Jews did nothing wrong became fertile ground for anti-Semitism. Now, the Jews, for the first time in history, have participated in harming (see "The Serbs and the Jews" Vagabond, May 98, and note the acts of terror in the world linked to the Israeli settlements in Palestinian territory). It hasn't provoked any particular anti-Semitic outburst. Why? Because the Jews now are respected thanks to Israel which, in spite of its strength, they risk losing. Why? Because Israel is not the USA which doesn't need a brain to survive. Israel has enough power to impress itself and others, yet not enough to ignore political realities.

Arafat is weak, and can be killed, but once Arafat is dead Sharon will not have a "Jew" to blame. He is trapped in his pathetic limitations; all he can do is kill a few more Palestinians but he will never stop the spilling of Israeli blood. A few years ago I wrote, with no reference to Israel, that the Kamikaze are the nuke of the weak, as posters and flyers are the media of the weak. I didn't dream that I would witness a textual confirmation; never in history have we witnessed such a mass phenomenon of suicidal youth.

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