By William Markiewicz

This idea came from a Swede who knows value of the Realpolitik. Here is a scenario to consider:

1. The Germans would have accepted, happy at not entangling divisions in the Balkan abyss.
2. Italy wouldn't have started its disastrous invasions of Greece and Albania because Germany would not have backed them.
3. No pro-Nazi elements would have taken power in Albania, Croatia, Bosnia, Macedonia.
4. There would have been no Jasenovac, no extermination of countless Serbs, Jews and Gypsies (in this order).
5. Tito wouldn't have come to power.
6. Probably, as happened in the Soviet Union & Czechoslovakia, the Yugoslav federation would sooner or later have dissolved voluntarily. Germany wouldn't have the opportunity to exercise its post-WWII vengeance on Serbs. Germany didn't forget its former allies, while the West, united with its former enemies, had no difficulty turning against its former Serbian allies.

The Serbs romantically threw themselves head first into the war they had nothing to win on. Today even the memories are not only forgotten but reversed.. In official American thanks to those who helped 500 American pilots to survive, no one's merit is mentioned because it was the Serbs who saved them (see December 99 Vagabond). Perhaps the sons of the rescued pilots recently bombed Serbia.

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