By William Markiewicz

Nature 'wastes' intelligence on creatures which are already powerful enough to be at the top of the food chain. Nature is not so generous to humans who are rarely blessed with two such gifts simultaneously. Let's take the Americans for example. They don't even bother to be smart, they settle everything with power. They are like an elephant in a porcelain shop, just smart enough to know that the porcelain doesn't belong to them. In this they reach the elephant's intelligence level. All their political agendas are short term; the powerful don't need patience. So, they've built Talibani power, Latin American warlord power, now Albanian warlord power. They didn't consider and they continue not to care that societies of clans living in the hills are practically indomitable, something the Egyptians, the Romans, et al knew. The Americans fight one problem by creating another, a worse one. For them it is like a video game.

The Latin American warlords became druglords, the Talibani -- Jihad lords, the Albanian warlords -- xenophobes and organized crime lords. All of them are as uncontrollable as the nature of their mountains. Americans, being used to live in an ambiance of crime, don't take it seriously if a similar situation spreads in the rest of the globe -- it's globalization NWO style. When societies at large begin to realize that NWO means NJ (New Jungle), it will have happened so gradually that either they will not notice the difference or they will learn how to shut up.

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