By William Markiewicz

US Navy battle group, which includes the flagship of the American fleet, the aircraft carrier USS Constellation and four other ships docked in Sydney, Australia today.

The commander, Rear Admiral David Hart said in an interview with the SYDNEY MORNING HERALD newspaper that the group is ready to intervene in the current stand off between the United States and China.

Despite the tense situation, USS Constellation received no orders for deployment to the South China Sea. Nevertheless, Rear Admiral Hart did not exclude an escalation of the conflict or possible 'involvement of other military assets' if diplomatic efforts bring no satisfactory results.

I found this information in one newsgroup and there isn't time to verify accuracy but if it's true (and it seems very much to be true) tomorrow all the media in the world will report it. The present Chinese-US conflict brought to mind an article I wrote for Vagabond's December 95 issue, "The Source and Content of Visions." I quote the beginning textually: "A while ago one young woman told me that she'd had a vision -- a sudden feeling of palpable truth -- in which she foresaw the third world war in our times with China as the direct cause." Years have passed and since nothing happened I put the woman's prophecy out of my mind. Now it returns to me unexpectedly in burning immediacy. Of course it's too early to take seriously, but the coincidence is nevertheless interesting. Could China's retaining of the US spy plane and crew provoke such catastrophic consequences? The Chinese lost their own plane and crew in the collision and I don't remember reading who was guilty. Among all countries in the world such an accident would be a matter for negotiations, except for the USA.

Let's be clear: there is nothing wrong with America. It's a good country with unequalled freedom. But absolute power corrupts even the best. There is no balance of power in the world, and it's a misfortune for everybody including America which simultaneously remains master and prisoner of its own power. Why is it so? Power has its own dynamics, nature doesn't tolerate a vacuum, so physically, politically, psychologically, a single superpower spreads all over the globe strangling the slightest resistance. America could have restored the world's balance if, after the fall of Communism, it had offered the former Eastern Bloc an equivalent to the Marshall Plan. But no, the West used its superiority to squeeze the fallen one even harder, perhaps not always from bad will but always with heartless philosophies, at the end, stupid ones. Where is the luminous spirit of the Marshall Plan patrons? New times and it is a NWO for us...

Self-inflating absolute power snowballs. First, Russia is humiliated with NATO's steel belt around its borders. Is post-Communist Russia a "rogue country", a danger to the USA? With the Warsaw Pact dead, Russia doesn't have its own defence system equivalent to NATO. The USA and its allies further humiliated Russia by destroying its most westerly located tiny ally, Serbia. The USA has humiliated China by supporting the Taiwan's independence. Now the humiliation continues with the US ultimatum concerning their spy plane in Chinese hands. The Chinese cannot afford further humiliation (remember Carthage?), the USA cannot afford to stop bullying, it would be a terrible blow to its superpower prestige, almost an admission of timidity. So, a collision seems dangerously close. And what can Russia do in this situation? If she doesn't react it will be an open and quite justifiable admission of fear. Regardless of consequences, Russia may be forced to enter into battle, as Milosevic was forced by NATO into the "Avoidable War" (see the documentary by this name). Will the world survive the next avoidable war? Probably. How many of us will survive? That's the question.

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