BELLUM JUDAICUM (Josephus Flavius) --

By William Markiewicz

Within geopolitical realities, Israel has only two options: win the peace or lose the war. 2.000 years ago it chose war as the Jewish chronicler of the time described in his book (mentioned in the title}. Two thousand years later Israel seems to choose war again. The murder of Rabin obliterated Israel's imminent opportunity to become integrated into the Middle East.

War for holy causes has never served Israel's interests. Israel has chosen politicians who refuse to see that the opposing side also has its fanatics, and, what's more important, masses ready to die for their holiest cause: the pride of being free.

One more point: If I were Israeli, I wouldn't rely too much on 'American support.' Americans may play a machiavellian game; seeing that Israel persists in a suicidal policy America may just wait until she hangs herself with her own rope. When the next Arab/Israeli conflict breaks out and Israel does well, America will intervene to mediate the ceasefire. If Israel doesn't do well, America will just wait and see, launching appeals for both sides to step back.

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