By William Markiewicz

Kostunica is not in Serbia, the deadline for the US ultimatum expired yesterday, and Milosevic has been arrested. This scenario proves that Kostunica, despite his brilliant qualities, is not the statesman Serbia needs now. A weakling at the head of a demoralized society is the worst Serbia could get.

Milosevic was fighting secessionists in a civil war similar to the one the Macedonians fight now. But in Macedonia it is recognized as a civil war while in Yugoslavia it was called an "invasion of neighboring countries". Has anybody ever heard provinces being called 'countries' before separation? Personally I favour the right to separation; there is nothing more unstable than multinational states. All sides were ready to negotiate separation but foreign powers brutally intervened telling the separatists: 'Don't discuss with those losers, just separate. We are on your side.' Why did they do it? Why this anti-Serbian trend from the beginning? I don't want to repeat here what I've written about since 1995 when I began Vagabond. All is here, you'll find it easily. The big powers manipulated Milosevic into a war he couldn't avoid and couldn't win. Read, please, in past issues of Vagabond about cynical, provocative Dayton, Rambouillet, 'massacres' etc. Read about the unprecedented giant laboratory of manipulation of masses. Serbia's current history mimics what happened to the Jews 2,000 years ago: first a small nation loses the war to a giant, is submitted to massive character assassination and loses commitment to its own struggle. Let's not forget, and it can never be repeated enough, that contrary to the Nuremberg trial, in the Hague Tribunal the main accusations are based on testimonies more than evidence. Any anti-Serb was and is a credible witness. What will Serbia's future be? How will Serbs bear the enduring stigma of genocide they didn't commit? The truth will never be known because with time anything that concerns the tiny Balkans will lose its importance. The stigma on the Serbs will persist precisely because it will bother nobody but Serbs.

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