By William Markiewicz

Military Neo-Puritanism

A while ago the Canadian (I believe) military serving in Bosnia were accused of... having sex with nurses. Maybe the authorities would prefer that they do it to or among themselves. In the US, high ranking officers were suspended for extra-marital sex, at least one of them separated for years. Further in the past, (also Canadian?) negotiators in Bosnia went to military court for drinking with negotiating partners. All over the world the army is considered a potential pathway to death, and the rule of restraint on soldiers concerned mostly the protection of civilians and prisoners. Otherwise through history the 'still living' soldiers had elementary rights to drink and fornicate. Now, through a strange twist of neo-puritanism, modern soldiers have to be more chaste than the Crusaders (who were not). It is a new form of abuse of power through a set of freakish rules.

Napoleon once said to the soldiers who were looking for excuses: "drink like Poles, fight like Poles!.' Today's generals' orders seem to take another slant: 'Die you sober, chaste, non-smoking(!?) soldier, and as to fighting -- push-button high tech' devices will take care of that!'

Domestic Violence

Most frequently it's a case of woman-beating but it may concern anybody; child, pet, elder, or whoever is weaker. I would also call attention to any other expression of hate, because if beating is the most crude and immediate expression of anger, there are other ways to torment, 'a la longue', as deadly. I know cases where a member of the household provoked a heart attack or some psychosomatic troubles just by knowing how to hit the tender spot. We're not made of flesh only, and personality, character, innate cruelty etc. with no violence could be a very dangerous weapon.

"Body Energy"

Why do those who can heal have to prove themselves with some magical tricks? OK, they may not know exactly how it works and the hypothesis of 'body's energy' may be right or wrong. But it is not the job of the healers to explain themselves, like it is not the bees' job to explain how they make honey. Such a requirement is a childish dig sponsored by those who have their own agendas. I am referring of course to the little girl who became a media star by submitting healers to the test of guessing the body's energy field.

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