By William Markiewicz

It ended with Hitler. Now, with the death of the Communist empire and the Cold War, the NWO has unexpectedly returned to the "Mein Kampf" policy, actively searching for enemies. Smashing Cuba and Iraq didn't work because the partners could not agree about the ultimate goal. Russia got rid of Communism, granted independence to its European and Asian republics, sacrificed its smaller sister -- Serbia, and what did it get for it? Put down, left almost for dead, and assaulted by NATO's 'Drang nach Osten.' Traditional soft diplomacy is dead. We witness a gratuitous cult of power, arbitrary distribution of favors, reign of cynicism without the slightest effort to hide it. Naked 'diplomacy' (sic) at its peak. Has the world been struck by collective blindness?

In the past, 'divine power,' 'emperor's power,' dreams of Communism triggered the masses' interest. Fifty years ago it was 'the might and right' of race. What's new now is that the leaders have finally realized that the people don't need this anymore and they're not really interested in what happens in some small and/or remote region. To have a free hand, the NWO doesn't need public support so much as it needs public opinion off its back. It's enough to create small 'terras incognitas', white spots on the surface of the planet where the acting powers can do literally what they want without anybody knowing or believing. Therefore the old notion of 'propaganda' is dead; the most diabolical revolutionary tool in the history of communication has taken its place under the name of 'information.' It's the most efficient killer. Still, public relations agencies would be ineffective without world media support, so a new job is assigned to the media: no longer informing but creating and selecting information.

Nobody, for instance, wonders nor cares why Krajina Serbs had to go and Kosovo Albanians have to stay. There are no more right nor wrong situations only right or wrong people; this lesson comes to us also from Hitler. Still, ideology is no longer an issue. Who needs to get involved in these juvenile ideological games? Public relations agencies are doing the job cheaper and more subtly than prisons, police, army... 'Nothing personal baby, you're only on the wrong end of the contract!'

The NWO intervention in conflicts too local and too small for it has resulted in those conflicts expanding like cancer beyond their logical scope. How it could and should be instead, we saw in Czechoslovakia which harmoniously and naturally split into the Czech Republic and Slovakia because nobody from the outside mixed into it. The same would have happened in Yugoslavia if the foreign powers hadn't encouraged the seceding provinces to refuse any negotiations with the federal government. A similar situation will emerge with the new introduction of NATO into Central Europe; disputes over a rut in the road may have potential for international conflicts. The two main questions remaining on the panel: will Russia overcome the present political humiliation of being a fallen giant and put some equilibrium into the balance of power? Can young-spirited North America overcome its hot headed megalomaniac policy in foreign affairs?

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