By William Markiewicz

Self-Awareness -- an Illusion?

Since mysticism began -- meaning always -- mystics have considered self-awareness to be a supreme goal of existence, a way to reach the Absolute. For the rest of humanity, it is rather non-awareness that indicates everything is OK. Health manifests itself as an absence of feeling. Our heart, stomach, kidneys, function well only when we don't feel them. This may apply to the voluntary system as well; wasn't it Porthos in "Twenty Years Later" (Dumas) who was killed because instead of running from his enemies he became entangled in pondering: "How does running occur?" The brain apparently is the only organ that we can twist around like a wet cloth with no damage to it. It's perhaps so because thought itself, if well 'oiled' is an automatic function. Thinking doesn't consume calories. It doesn't possess its own energy. It is rather a result than a cause, a culmination of perceptions, tendencies and experiences. Is self-awareness no less and no more than another game for the mind -- like chess and IQ tests for instance?

Niels Bohr said that the observer must be bigger than the observed. I suspect that at the 'top level' which encompasses the automatic and voluntary systems there is a lot of automatism going on. It's too big to grasp anyway as we are a part of it and not an outside observer.

I leave the final conclusion to others; too many great minds that I admire wandered on those mysterious pathways. Maybe they knew something I don't.

And to push the confusion even further, one variety of Buddhism claims that everything is illusion -- even self-awareness -- which takes us right back where we started from.

Quarks, Muons, Charms ...

For my interstellar travel, to insure my physical, intellectual and spiritual comfort, I provided myself with substantial provisions of particles -- gravitons, informatons, and philosophons. At my destination point the gravitons abound. I have to focus attention on smackeroons and I keep the precious cargo of philosophons.

As we know that the particles emerged out of none-ness, I still hope to obtain some sensons out of non-sensons.

'Soul Transmutation'

One star to another:
"Do you see that guy over there near the milky way? -- I dated him in New York."

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