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Re: Queen Victoria (May issue)

I suppose that there is a lot of truth in what Queen Victoria said.It seems to me that the west, like most human regimes throughout history, is playing a double game. I was somewhat disgusted to hear a broadcast lauding the prospects for UK firms in rebuilding Bosnia...Well, I want Bosnia peaceful and rebuilt, but how many UK arms,if any, I wonder, went into the bosnian conflict,-perhaps on both sides

This is the new form of imperialism, I suppose, in which small nations are fair game for the larger nations arming them to the teeth, exploiting their conflicts, and gaining money by rebuilding them..Or am I too cynical?

"It seems to me that there is so much which needs to be done that the armaments manufacturers need have no worries if they turn their production to peaceful purposes. What we need is surely a progressive and conscious diminution of world fear and tension, which, at its most basic, means the realisation that there is more to the human experience than clinging anxiously to some sort of exclusive grouping, regardless of what that grouping may be based upon.I do not underestimate the difficulty of such a mentally-liberating process.-which is somewhat equivalent to teaching an anxious child to float and then to swim"

This is my personal view only. ...Best wishes.

Re: Voting (August issue)

How to Avoid "Wasting Your Vote"

"In the last election, I wanted to vote for Perot, but I knew he couldn't win, so to avoid wasting my vote, I voted for Bush instead" - Anonymous, heard on NPR
Folk wisdom has it that if you vote for a candidate that has little chance of winning, you are "Wasting your vote" and, therefore, you really should vote for someone who has some chance of winning. This interesting bit of wisdom is shared by the "man on the street", the college professor, and the news person alike. Let us take a closer look at this unchallenged piece of "logic".

In conclusion, we should vote and we should vote for our desired candidate. An individual who does so, will have the satisfaction of standing true to her beliefs while at the same time knowing that she has not caused either of the top candidates to win or lose. Only when you vote for your honest choice is your vote not wasted!!

And if we all vote honestly, new candidates and new parties have a chance of becoming established. To vote otherwise is to endanger democracy.

Leon Felkins

(For more information on this and related issues, please visit my homepage, A Rational Life.)

Re: Nursing (September issue)

I just wanted to let you know that I read your article and understand your concerns. My husband and I have also ran across so called "nurses" that just don't fit the description of a loving Florance Nightingail....excuse my spelling... After fourteen years of being a stay-at-home mom and raising three daughters, I now find myself beginning a career in nursing "if all goes well" in the fall I will be starting pre-clinicals. I have already experienced a want in my heart to help those that cannot help themselves and treat such persons like gold. When I see someone whose sick or hurting... I see myself. I hope and pray that I will always feel this way and that my heart never grows cold.

arlene mcmillian

Re: Ergo Sum (May issue)

From: Paula

How intrinsicly zen.
'New eyes,' always.
Change is the only constant;
now is the only experience.

Re: Poland (December issue)

Just wanted to say hi. Read your description of your visit to Poland 87-88. I'd like to be in contact with people from Poland who would like to improve or Americanize their English.

Dick Pultorak
2032 Christine Drive
Harleysville, PA 19438-3304

Re: Call for Entry

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