By William Markiewicz

The second historic defeat at Kosovo has perhaps more tragic consequences for the Serbs than the one six hundred years ago. The Serbs, as farmers and monks isolated in the mountains, were able to resist and outlive the Turks' power. Will they be able to follow in their ancestors' footsteps and outlive, as farmers and monks, the 'New Turks'/NWO? They can't survive this defeat as if nothing happened. There's no way for the 'Mohicans' and the consumerist 'neo-Genghis Khan' to coexist. Consumerism has more insidious appeal than what the Turks offered those who took their side, and future generations may become 'tame Serbs' digested by NWO lifestyle and corroded by anti-Serbian propaganda. They may start to hate themselves -- the greatest tragedy that can happen to a nation. We know that hatred and disdain stick to the weak and weakness is here to stay because many have an interest in maintaining it. What will future generations of Serbs know about the noblesse of their history and whom to believe? The Serbs lost because they couldn't resist the first war in history fought from a safe distance by bombs and media. For the sake of decency the UN should declare manipulation of information a war crime.

I would like to extend here my homage to Milosevic, man, Serb and politician. I'm not an expert in Serbian politics, but I haven't seen many up to now. For me, Milosevic made only two important mistakes; first was when he was not strong enough to force the hand of his colleagues in government, as documented in the film 'The Death of Yugoslavia.' The second mistake was when he was too tough on the demonstrating students. The exterior enemies of Milosevic, who are also enemies of Yugoslavia, accuse him of starting the wars and they know very well that they imposed those wars on him. Without outside intervention Yugoslavia sooner or later would have split harmoniously like Czechoslovakia and the Soviet Union, and there would be no mass of refugees. But the big powers had their own agenda, Serbia remained 'too big' for them, as Russia is now. In order to smash Serbia they 'strongly recommended' to the seceding provinces that they simply go away without negotiations. The NWO needed a pretext to invade Yugoslavia. International law is dead and the powerholders behave more like Godfathers than like statesmen. They make arbitrary decisions about who is too big and too strong and whose crimes are crimes, therefore they parcel Serbia now by taking away Kosovo. Vojvodina and Sandjak will follow and probably Montenegro. What will remain of Serbia will be filled up with a flood of Serbian refugees like an outgrown concentration camp without any humanitarian help from outside. The inside enemies of Milosevic accuse him of being too weak to face the NWO. What did they expect? A miracle? Milosevic didn't abandon the Bosnian and Krajina Serbs; his leader's duty was to win time, to preserve the existence of Serbia and, if possible, Yugoslavia without perpetrating suicidal stunts. He challenged NATO on Kosovo when NATO's provocation became 'non plus ultra.' The real goal of the Balkan wars was to reduce Serbia below its most basic denominator. World opinion and many Serbs didn't understand this. The anti-Milosevic mania took a wide circle through the world, Serbs included. Milosevic is the only point NATO and numerous Serbs agree on. Even the Serbian Church takes part in the anti-Milosevic trend. Marshall Pilsudski who ruled Poland in the twenties said that the Jews are the worst politicians in the world, the Poles come next. The Poles since have learned a lot, the Jews and the Serbs still have a long way to go.

Peasants, who elected Milosevic, hold on. You represent the values that keep Serbdom alive.

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