By William Markiewicz

Nostradamus wrote that at the end of the Twentieth Century 'the loathsome king will strike from the skies.' Let's imagine what would follow:

Yugoslavia is probably the last nation which dared to defy NATO. After smashing the Balkans, NATO will hire the Ruder & Finn (PR Firm), or somebody similar, to discover Russian atrocities in Chechnya and Siberia toward some local tribes. Then NATO will attack in the name of well-known humanitarian principles and soon Russia will stop being 'big.' I don't think that Russia will offer too much resistance; they saw from the Yugoslav example that NATO means business. Russia will not use its nuclear potential because though she has the ability to devastate the USA, NATO can wipe Russia from the surface of the globe. Finally each part of parceled Russia, including what remains of Russia itself, will apply for NATO membership. Then NATO will turn against China, to liberate Tibet. Personally I love Tibet, its spiritual culture, and I wish for it to be independent. But for the NWO the issue will be not Tibet but China's immense natural resources. China never was hard to defeat, invaders in the past were absorbed into the Chinese melting pot. No risk for NATO in this matter. Finally, even China will apply for NATO membership, but will not be accepted; NATO will remain reserved for whites only. Just look at its present composition.

P.S. In the "Washington Times" (June 27) Madeline Albright is quoted as saying: "now, our diplomacy serves to back up our military." Does this mean that from now on America is officially becoming a military dictatorship?

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