By William Markiewicz

The recent American -- Russian "reconciliation" was like a vaudeville show. Poor smiling Yeltzin looked so relieved it was painful to see. First of all, to reconcile one needs a conflict, and the only basis for conflict is that Russia, with no provocation, is being surrounded like a bear by a dogpack, and no prospect in sight of aid for starving Russia, which remains 'too big' by NWO standards.

Never before in History has an empire dismantled voluntarily, never has a dictatorship officially lowered the flag. Other dictatorships like the Spanish and Chilean have declined but not in such a dramatic way. "Archangel Mikhail", probably the last idealistic politician on earth, thought that the West, with tears in its eyes, would open its arms to its estranged sister Russia and that a new Marshall Plan would pour in for the 'lendemains qui chantent.' Reality hit him like icy water and his moves, supported enthusiastically. by his fellow Russians, initiated Russia's perhaps irreversible doom. Sleepless nights may haunt Gorbachev for the rest of his life. It is not that he's such a lamentable politician; his thoughts were logical. Nobody could have predicted what happened. There was no anti-Russian plot; personally I don't believe in long term plots. The concept of NWO carries its own internal poison. Total power is a blind machine, no place for idealism in it. It's a drug blocking the brain from everything but self-adoration. Progressively the NWO power holders have realised that communism is not the issue -- it's gone -- nor freedom for the former republics -- they are already free. What remains an issue is "too big Russia." 'Too big' because of its weakness. Such a demented conclusion was not predictable. The Communist empire didn't work well but it wasn't weak or hungry. Gorbachev's cruel mistake was that, blatant pacifist that he was, he forgot that we live in a Darwinian universe.

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