Politics but also Biology

By William Markiewicz

I donít place politics over biology: I have no reason to be sympathetic to one side or the other in the conflict in Ukraine. I just want to ask, are the East Ukrainians humans or apes? Are they living on their territory for centuries or not? If answers are yes then they have the same right for freedom and equality as other citizens of Ukraine. Are states territories or cages? Even apes have the right to separate cages if they cannot live together. Should politics prevail over human existence? If human existence has priority then donít formally declare one part of those in conflict as naturally second class citizens. If East Ukrainians Ė and there are millions of them in this one territory Ė donít consider themselves happy in union with West Ukrainians of different religion and language, then why is it never pointed out that the East Ukrainians only aspire to equal rights. Czechs and Slovaks separated because they felt they could not live together. Why are the East Ukrainians denied what is accorded to other ethnies and nations? Here the Realpolitik shows its ugly face. The West Ukrainians have their friendsí sympathies so they are the only ones who are considered, respected by the strongest. The ugly story between Serbs and Croats repeats itself but in reverse. In the Balkans Realpolitik favoured separation of Yugoslavia; in Ukraine, everybody wants united Ukraine. Why do I mention biology? If they are biologically the same, human, they should also be politically equal. Conclusion: the stronger West favours, totally, West Ukraine and the weaker neighbouring Russia has to give up their natural sympathy and accept it.

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