By William Markiewicz

Seventy years after WW2, the former enemies – Nazis and Allies – are now best of friends. Who pays the bill? Serbia. The Nazis still burn with hatred because the Serbs hit them too hard and Serbia’s former allies kicked the Serbs because they didn’t need them anymore. Then, came lies, insults, and the Serbs, not good at Realpolitik, remain eternal victim with Nato as their hangman. A long time ago I saw on TV a meeting of Montenegrin elders in which Nato was described as “terrorist organ of the West.” Presently, the Eastern Ukrainians are not popular in the West. In Northern Ireland, the Irish are the same nation, the same language but divided in two religions which makes them mortal enemies. So are they the same nation or are they one nation? The same nation. And the world agrees. Serbs and Croats are common ethnie, common language, only different religions and the whole world supports their separation. The Eastern Ukrainians have different language and religion and their own territory, but the West forces them to join with Western Ukrainians even if they must stay second class citizens.

This enumeration of injustices must be repeated because power replaces justice and becomes a habit, practically and philosophically. Therefore sometimes it may be worthwhile to give up our self-imposed objectivity.

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