What are they looking for in the West Bank and Gaza?

By William Markiewicz

Israel is surrounded by Arab neighbours like Lebanon, Syria, Jordan, Egypt. They are all anti-Israel but the frontiers are at peace. Nobody starts to attack. For one reason or another, peace remains because each side tolerates the other. Why this bloodshed between Israel and Arabs in the West Bank and Gaza? Because of Arabic power in those lands? No. Those Arabs are among the weakest. The reason for this bloodshed is because Israel occupies them. The West Bank and Gaza with its warrior Hamas are under tight Israeli control. It is this abnormal situation that causes bloodshed there. Israel imposes conditions on those two entities; this should not be. Israel should consider those entities as foreign just as it does its other Arab neighbours, and let them do as they want travel, carry out commerce, have relations as other states do. With its steel power, Israel can structure the frontiers of the West Bank and Gaza and all that remains Arab should be respected as with other neighbours. And there will be peace without invasions and terror.

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