More about Zimmerman

By William Markiewicz

If I write late itís because I had many doubts to ponder. Could racism have been involved? It could have been on both sides but we canít go on assumptions. Aggressive temperament? Of course it could be on both sides but youth has the reputation of being generally more aggressive. Zimmerman was assigned as a watchman by the people of the neighbourhood. This alone excludes him from being a vigilante. As a watchman, he was entitled to have a weapon. By alarming the police first he showed that his attention was not initially aggressive; he just did his duty. I didnít closely follow the trial because Iím more interested in politics than criminal issues. But I heard, or read, that the young man started to run away, the police promised to come in two minutes and Zimmerman would not be a witness if he lost sight of him. So, I think he had to try. The minutes it took for the police to arrive could be short or long and as we see, it wasnít quick enough. Weíll never know what the initial encounter was and who attacked first. The young man was apparently athletic and Zimmerman finding himself horizontal with the adversary on top of him could have felt his life was in danger. The outcome was cruel for the young boy but, legally speaking, I will never know how Zimmerman could be judged and condemned for a crime.

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