When Suppositions and Certitudes Confront Each Other

By William Markiewicz

Certitude is the aim for seekers of truth, meaning lawyers, scientists. But truths are not always accessible, so statistics/probabilities must replace certitudes. When WW2 ended, countless exterminators were helped by victors or neutrals to escape or to be usefully hired at their service. I know how it must end even though not soon: rebirth of vengeful intentions, which starts with the rewriting of History, meaning: let’s forget the past and long live the future. It cannot be better illustrated than by the switch of alliances: former enemies are now allies, and former friends, vice versa. Example: in Yugoslavia, as far I remember, ALL the adversaries wanted to separate peacefully; states are not Union Stations where people can come and go. But as I see it (am I alone?) former anti-Nazi allies practically pushed their former enemies to attack without negotiations -- whom? Their faithful anti-Nazi ally – the Serbs. I am not pro-Serb; I am, as a narrator should be, a seeker for truth. I see the Serbian drama as revenge on them for choosing the "wrong side" – the side of the allies -- in WW2. I don't judge everybody as a conscious Serbian enemy; the public’s collective naiveté plays a great role. Also, Serbs, historically and politically not mature for realpolitik, didn't know how to react to the massive propaganda and attacks, and are becoming as I see it, victimized as "the Jews of 20th-21st Century." Can they survive the branding anti-Serbian scar? History will show.

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