By William Markiewicz

Morsi was legally elected President. So was Adolf Hitler. The Germans enthusiastically welcomed Nazism and they got what they wanted because Hitler never changed his credo. The Egyptian people reject the deceiving Morsi. So, should he return to power because his legality is more important than the Egyptian popular wish?

Legal/not legal is a too simple criterion for judging everything. In Nazi Europe, the gas chambers were legal. During the Inquisition, putting victims to the stake was legal. In Roman times, Nero and Caligula with all their psychopathic crimes were legal. ‘Good’ is a mixture of legality, ethics and empathy. Darwinism is also legal because it’s natural but if it took total power it would be Satanic power. Everything in relationship to maintain equilibrium is the solution. Harmonious balance submitted to morality, logic, common interests, must be applied and not everything can be legally defined.

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