Eternal War

By William Markiewicz

Important things need to be repeated. War should not be eternal. War against terror is not war but a police action. Therefore it will never have an end. Nobody can achieve victory or defeat in an inside situation where even the weaker is strong enough to hold out through invisibility. To make your adversary visible, you must make him situated territorially. Therefore, war may occur, not inside the same country but between two different countries. The only way to make a country visible is to create it. So, a country that is in a chaos of terror has to be separated. This may almost immediately stop terrorism because territorially you can defeat with air bombing which can’t be done efficiently in the same country against, technically, your own population. Bombing from the air create more fear than anything else. It can be massive and very destructive. Terrorists who, have become soldiers because, at present they are in their own country, cannot match an adversary who is no longer a policeman but an army. Sooner or later negotiations will occur, the defeated will recognize his defeat and it will be over. I see Iraq as potentially divided into Sunni and Shiite states. I see Turkey giving independence or autonomy to the Kurdish side. I don’t know if the situation of Syria could be resolved by territorial separation. And I don’t see at all Egypt separated into ‘democratic’ and ‘fundamentalist’ countries, therefore the situation may drag on.

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