Dialogue about what makes History

By William Markiewicz

With a friend, we analysed a topic we disagreed on. I maintained that we live in a Darwinian universe where power is the decisive argument. My interlocutor believes in Justice, and I responded that we live not with Truth but with truths which, according to circumstances, may oppose each other. For me the truths that change according to circumstances are "physical", more believable as truths, while the unchanging Truth is a "metaphysical" one. My interlocutor believes in "Jewish blood" and "Jewish genes". Paradoxically, the Nazis, antisemites number 1, don't mention Jewish blood or genes, Nazism is anthropological ideology which doesn't make them scientists but can make them more aware of the notion of race. So, for them the ideal is the purity and quality of race, meaning the Nordic one. For them the Jews form a mixture of the mostly inferior races which makes them a dangerous contaminant. Each animal breeder rejects racial purity, knowing that mongrels are the healthiest and smartest of the animals. And too much purity brings degeneration. So, the Nazi theory of perfection must be wrong. As for "Metaphysical" theory of Jewish blood and genes, it is scientifically impossible. The Jews of Russia are white, the Ethiopian Falasha are black. The North African Jews are mostly Berber, in the Middle East impossible to distinguish them from the Arabs. There is neither Jewish blood nor genes. In my view the Jewish handicap is not intrinsic to the Jews, nothing to do with "blood" but their disaster was due to their Diaspora philosophy. They started the Diaspora on the left foot. The "right foot to Diaspora" belongs to the Druze, who knew how to keep money in one hand and the sword in the other. The Judeans who were the most warrior nation, after falling into Diaspora completely lost their fighting spirit, and their history became a long line of persecutions, ghettoes, inquisition, pogroms and final solution. They lost their Judean blood and today's Jews are descendants of numerous converted. The Gypsies seemingly fought the Nazis with bare hands. In the camps teenaged girls, "sisters Karmel", wrote poems in Polish. I read one somewhere: "Juda Makkabi, Juda Makkabi -- We must first clean the rust from our souls."

Because some Jews survived the Holocaust, then in accord with Darwinian universe the masses don't sympathise with the survivors saved not by themselves. Before the war in Europe the Jewish Diaspora had authentic potential power; they never tried to transform it into kinetic power therefore they died helplessly. Consequently, in many countries now practically emptied of Jews, antisemitism is stronger than before. "Physical antisemitism" has now transformed itself into "metaphysical antisemitism," directed against "the spirit of the Jews", almost "the Jewish zombies"... This transformation is normal; legends are frequently more powerful than reality.

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