Sometimes the Best Counterattack May Be in Defence

By William Markiewicz

Don Quixote took himself for a super powerful knight errant who wandered about looking for the weak and needy. Today, some believe in super powers, sort of oversized Don Quixotes whose duty is to find ‘widow and child’ in need. We live in a too-Darwinist universe for this. Jules Verne wrote: If the earth were made of coal, humanity would burn it under its feet. Second axiom: For the majority, short term profits are the most attractive no matter the consequences. Those two points are sufficient to impede the existence of the generous good giant.

Another truth we learn from experience: There are no limited horizons; in sport, there will always be somebody who will win over the best, so the world remains open for new records. The same goes in practically every field. Some scientists of the past believed that they had reached the end of knowledge but there remains an infinity to be discovered. Until now, the horror of nuclear and chemical weapons has surpassed previous limits. Still, there are always new horrors and new remedies to be found.

Each situation creates its allies and its adversaries. Obama’s decision to help civilians in Syria has those who oppose it like Russia, China, and other political adversaries. We don’t know how far the extreme opinions can go. Superpowers that provoke other superpowers create potential for world conflicts. So the ‘good wish’ may end in planetary destruction.

Sometimes the best help may not come from superior attack but from superior defence. Example: We have the gas mask; now we need protection against chemical attacks. It could be something simple: some apparently clumsy uniforms to cover the body may save countless lives. During the American Civil War, people started to manufacture weapons and in World War 2 when Germany unexpectedly attacked the USSR, the Russians hurriedly began manufacturing tanks and other heavy weapons. What if those who are against invasions, massively combined to make and distribute those uniforms to the populations? The cruellest aggressors will find themselves bereft of their principal weapons. I am not an expert of course, it’s just an idea. Instead of fighting the sadists, find a defense that turns them almost inoffensive. It is only an idea, a matter for reflection. My appeal to the smarter: Do the job.

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