"Thank You God!..."

By William Markiewicz

I talked with a Vagabond reader who agreed with my opinion that the Jews started their Diaspora on the wrong foot by putting themselves at the mercy of other nations who had built their own destinies. 'Their attitude was the worst possible for safety and survival" -- commented my interlocutor – “the Jews left their destiny to God, perhaps against the will of God Himself who never offered a similar privilege to others."

It reminded me of a true story which I read or heard once; I don't remember if I’ve already written about it. In Poland, in some shtetl, the Germans gathered a rabbi with his flock and took them to their death. At the last moment, the rabbi, in excellent German, addressed himself to the officer: "There is a tradition to grant a last word to the condemned." The officer agreed. The rabbi raised his arms and screamed to the skies: “God, thank You that I remain faithful to You to the last moment!" Then the SS killed them all.

This story from the past brings a chilling memory of the Jewish historical tragedy. Nobody but the Diaspora Jews expected God to protect them entirely from the danger of extinction. Traditionally, the children didn’t have to expect that their parents would protect them; it's God's job to protect the "chosen people." This collective madness permitted the Holocaust and the end of a brilliant European civilization.

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