Israel: Small Ship on Tsunami Ocean

By William Markiewicz

"Arab Spring" in full bloody paroxysm, Iran maintains a hard stand concerning its nuclear power, and Israel maintains pressure on the Palestinians in the West Bank as if nothing happened. Americans maintain their indifference toward the Arabs which, nota bene, is not in the interest of the US and tomorrow may become indifference toward Israel (to do nothing may be the most efficient weapon against “enemies” as well as against “friends.”)

Israel maintains secrecy as to whether it possesses nukes or not. If it really does possess them, then there is no problem for Israel. The offensive against Iran won’t be necessary because mutual “nukers” will not commit mutual suicide. But if it doesn’t possess them, it’s really time to confess it. In this escalating situation, secrecy serves for nothing. Pressure from Jewish public opinion may force the US to take a more active pro Israeli stand. At the same time the US may have an opportunity to use the "stick and carrot" with Israel: "Stop the occupation of the West Bank, make it possible for Palestine to become an independent state. Be open to (future) negotiations with Syria about Golan, and we will be more active in defending your safety.”

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