By William Markiewicz

We have a beautiful planet which we destroy. We need jobs which we are not able to create. We don"t show the ability of De Gaulle when he created a placebo without concentrating on any particular issue and through the New Franc revitalized France. Jobs are not the result of some economic theory; jobs are the natural product of supply and demand. Until the not so remote past this worked, more or less, particularly in the developed countries because the population was reasonably numerous, not exceeding the equilibrium of supply and demand. Now the population increases dynamically creating an excessive number of non productives who have to be sustained by market speculations. Families often live in giant tower condominiums, living one on top of the other but progressively accustomed to it -- and with jobs! The tendency grows and cannot end otherwise than explosively. Populations will grow, nature will diminish everybody will suffer. In my view, only two remedies are possible. 1) A series of placebos (a la De Gaulle) to stimulate the masses to production and consumption, 2) A reasonable policy to warn humanity about overpopulation. It doesn"t necessarily have to be through draconian rules as in China, but with mutual agreement of the masses by raising their consciousness. The demagogues prefer the quicker way, by bloody wars which will reduce the numbers of the population, enrich the victors, and further impoverish the losers. Many hyper patriots go for this solution and the moderate mealy-mouths go slowly toward their loss in popularity.

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