By William Markiewicz

"Simplistic logic" can be simple logic pushed to its paroxysm. Libya has at least half of the population in revolt and the other half seems to be pro Gaddafi. Gaddafi has his allies and money to buy more of them and the anti-Gaddafi rebels have, as we know, the West and many among the neighbours. In order to end the conflict, agreement should be reached not only between two fighting forces but also among their respective patrons. In order to put the conflict on its just, local level, the agreement must always be between allies of the opposing parties: "We will help within limits if you accept limits of your own." Probably the same logic could be applied to Iraq -- Sunnis and Shiites -- those who support one or the other side should first come to agreement among themselves: "We don't go farther if you don't go farther." So, from counting forever on friends, the fighters should understand that essentially it is their own country and it has to be resolved locally. The huge injustice to which Kosovo is testimony could have been resolved long ago if the patrons towering above them had allowed the Serbs to return to their birthplace and ensured the just partition of Kosovo. There are many examples like this. Of course this just solution, considering our Darwinian universe, will remain only a dream for children. And war and injustices will etern-ize.

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