By William Markiewicz

What do the extremists seek in Norway by liquidating uninvolved civilian youth? Only with more data will I be able to elaborate some opinion. By a strange coincidence, some days ago in Canada, I heard an extremist talk in perhaps a similar lugubrious vein. A slightly drunk self-appointed theologian and preacher divulged, not too loudly, the following theory to friends:

A good and powerful God created the Universe and the good White Race in His likeness. Then an inferior god created inferior human races and animals. Then Satan, not to be outdone, created Jews in his likeness, with a satanic nature. Then came the noble Hitler who wiped out some Jews but left too many alive. I slightly exaggerate those delirious statements to underline their meaning. Any similarity with any living person is purely coincidental

People like this preacher remain a looming menace to democracy and world equilibrium. The Jews should be aware that those people, and not the Arabs, are their principal enemies. There would be peace and coexistence between Israel and their Arab neighbours as long as Israel remains powerful and ready to give back the Golan Heights and the annexed West Bank territories. Concerning the Jews in the rest of the world, as long as they remain defenseless they remain at the mercy of History. Had the Jews been strong and organized, Nazism would never have come into existence.

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