By William Markiewicz

The external world affects our brain which, in its turn, affects our body. But both brain and body have their center in the middle of the chest: solar plexus, there, where we discover ourself facing ourself. Solar plexus is our Kundalini, the center of our fight or peace facing life. It's there where we discover our potential. Kundalini also teaches us that nothing is important under the sun because things that are really important, those of life and death, happen at the level of the exterior world, not connected to our wish.

Kundalini doesn't kill. It protects us. We kill our body through our head. We destroy ourselves smashed by our limits because it's difficult to live within our limits. It's not 'we' who are important, it's our parts. By your brain you conduct your boat. Your heart should choose the shore. In Kundalini you protect yourself from yourself.

Kundalini is the encounter between elements closely connected but ignoring each other (like East/West, North/South): reasoning, emotions, inspiration, intuition.

Reason collects its material as input of sensorial experiences. Emotions are psychosomatic reactions to the brain's stimulus. Inspiration, similar to the preceding, is its most sublime version because it is not only reacting on external impulses but "participates" with its interpretation (creation). Intuition is a stimulation through, or by, unknown sources like a wireless instrument. The extreme form of this kind of intuition will be long distance contact in space and quoting past and predicting future, though this is not accepted by everyone.

The most mysterious form of contact with reality is the well recognized existence of instinct. It is not extrasensorial like intuition because its very complex behaviour is ensured through specialised organic tools. Why do creatures with limited brains react in accordance with complex situations? And why is this not learned but inherited? Birds can play wounded to distract predators away from their nests. And toads escape from the enclosed egg when the snake devours the other end of the cluster. One wants to cry "miracle!" Why are they, also, so rigorously limited -- the birds defend their progeny only within the limited territory around the nest.

Reasoning, emotion, inspiration are our consciousness concentrated in Kundalini. Intuition, instinct, are our more mysterious functions. I am not enough informed to ponder them.

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