By William Markiewicz

In President Obama's place, I would say:

I am running as President to keep my promise and prevent the U.S. from becoming the new Rome.

The patriots who don't see the U.S. A. as anything but world empire, are in reality the greatest enemies of the U.S.A. They would create goose stepping young generations, ignorant and arrogant. Confucius said "The most powerful king is the invisible king." The world needs freedom and it is not the role of an empire to spread freedom. The West is invincible only if it cares mostly about its own matters. All other forms of relationship result in tyranny. I don't remember which general complained that Western forces in Afghanistan and perhaps Iraq behave like an occupation army. If you have a weapon in hand facing the disarmed and weaker, this position always triggers hatred. To those patriots only one bit of advice: keep your Big Brother mentality for yourself and let the rest of the universe breathe even if the air is poisonous for some of them. You cannot build democracy by force. People must resolve their own problems, The do-gooders may help, but indirectly, never by force.

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