A Matter of Allegiance

By William Markiewicz

In one internet group, a woman told about her son, Serbian origin, born in America. As a boy during the Yugoslav wars he refused to recite the Pledge of Allegiance, saying that he could not do this while the U.S. was bombing his family in their native country. This story brings to mind the pledge of allegiance which the children recited together in pre-war Poland:

Teacher: Who are you?
Children: -- Little Pole

What is your sign?
    -- White Eagle
Where do you live?
    -- Among my own
In which country?
   -- On Polish land
What is this land?
   -- My Fatherland
How gained?
   -- By blood and scar
Do you love your land?
   -- I love sincerely
And in what do you believe?
   --  I believe in Poland

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