By William Markiewicz

Justice is Law and morality is its soft component. Christianity was the first religion to introduce Love into Law, at least theoretically, which makes it, sin embargo, the most advanced among religions. It's not that I want to introduce the religious element into the Kosovo problem, but I'm perhaps too much of a libertarian, too much of an anarchist, to be impressed exclusively by soulless international law. International law, opposed by a majority of the population, cannot be just; anyway not in a democracy where the law's duty is to defend the people’s interests. The only fair way to oppose the will of the majority is to prove that the official number of a local population is either fake or artificially inflated to give them political power. I tried to find out what was the proportion of Kosovo’s respective populations before and after WW2. If a postwar census showed that during the war one population increased dramatically and another diminished; it proves political manipulation by the dominant Nazi power. Sixty years later the pro-Nazi populations are rewarded for taking the "right side" while the opposite side is "punished." I searched for the data that interest me but found nothing clear. I invite visitors who can provide valid data. This will be the only way to track justice. Time favors the majority. Even if the parents entered illegally, their descendants are locals and cannot be expelled because of their parents’ actions. If one of the hostile populations claims historical harm, then partition, like, for instance, in Cyprus, may be the only viable solution.

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