By William Markiewicz

The article quoted in this issue of Vagabond, A Propos: All European Life Died in Auschwitz, shows that talent is not enough to live and thrive; to survive in the Darwinian Universe, power is more important than talent. Lack of power can be compared to 'Avitaminosis.' Too much power, 'Hypervitaminosis', may be poisonous for the holder. Those two biological comparisons apply equally in politics.

Lack of power is never applied but endured. Use of superpower is mostly a proof of arrogance (re: "first peace, then negotiations"). Inactivity may be proof of bad intentions; America didn’t help as the ex - Soviet Empire crashed to dust from within, victim of unprecedented robbery of Kremlin treasures by the insiders. The enemies of Russia waited until they could get a ‘free meal’ as Russia crumpled into morsels. Till now, Russia defends itself well.

In the Muslim world, the moderates surely exist but are overpowered by the extremists who possess the majority of youth and many of the old guard. If the 'Hypervitaminosis' in East and West provokes realization of their dreams to confront each other, the results may be catastrophic for the planet.

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