By William Markiewicz

Even Obama has changed his tune and speaks about negotiating a solution, though he still uses tough language. Karzai is the same, and practically all the experts on the matter talk about unending war in Afghanistan. They should have seen the real situation long ago: Taliban are mostly Pashtun; topography makes them practically unconquerable. Also, Pashtun have been natural worshippers of war since Alexander the Great and surely before that. Their philosophy and creed make them impermeable to fear of death. Their tenacity and courage are legendary. They cannot be beaten as guerrillas in the country’s interior war but they can be fought and channeled if the fight goes from one country to another. In other words, for some chance of success one must first declare them independent Pashtunistan. Then it will no longer be a fight of the government against local unconquerable population but a war from country to country. Tactics and goals will change dramatically. The sealed frontier and distant weapons like aviation, artillery, will be much more efficient than the present police/military expeditions of Karzai and his "allies." Expeditionary actions of Nato to Iraq and Afghanistan are colonial style punitive incursions which constantly consume the participating military units. It will not end, and losses will mount forever. If Afghanistan declares Pashtunistan independent, Nato and American help will no longer be needed. The Northern and Central Afghans will know by themselves how to defend their southern frontier, and there will be the peace that everybody wants. Independent Pashtunistan will remain cruel to its women, animals and infidels. It will be another North Korea; mysterious, closed, fanatic. But it will be less evil than what is there now. Everybody has the right to be independent, and independence is finally a universal solution for a steady peace.

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