By William Markiewicz

Thank you for your fidelity to Vagabond even though the content is somewhat reduced. I don't know if it's personal but the universe seems less interesting to me, less stimulating to write about. Only a few adventurers are making history, driven by personal ambitions or boredom. They are archaic, their so-called enemies prove themselves to be hard cookies. I believe it may be the Chinese who said that peace and prosperity don't feed history. For the youth, drugs replace politics. There are fewer extremists right and left, anyway more discreet and less powerful. The misery and dictatorships in far away countries are mostly local matters as far as the rest of the world is concerned. Those from the so-called Third World who have integrated into the prosperous part of the world have had a remarkable degree of success in contributing more to the solutions than in creating problems. It's enough to visit any of the prosperous countries to see that those countries need fresh blood. Therefore, the frontiers are not so hermetically closed to the poor newcomer. The birthrate in prosperous countries diminishes, so they desperately need manpower to keep up production levels. Foreign elements are noticeable in all necessary areas whether the politicians like it or not. So the machine remains in motion. Of course, some frictions provoked by ideological, religious, cultural differences, don't disappear but are not important enough to dominate the news. I reject nothing, I remain an observer, faithfully at your service.

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