By William Markiewicz

Here is an opportunity for Vagabond to be true to its motto Devil's Advocate. I never was particularly interested in CIA activities for which they are now being investigated. Why? Because, from the beginning I was against the war in Iraq and Afghanistan and I don't believe in good or wrong methods in a priori wrong wars. Of course, 'they' cleared their traces by burning documents.

We have previously advanced arguments against the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan so I don't want to repeat myself. Now let's come to the more complex problem: the one of the mercy release of the Lockerbie bomber. I didn't follow the trial; I considered it a straightforward criminal affair. What aroused my doubts was, first of all, the rumours that the trial was not totally fair. My second point of incertitude is the very fact that the Justice Minister made the decision to release him; could he have had doubts himself? Up to now I didn't make a parallel with the Hague Tribunal which I always considered to be politically motivated. Some have even called it a Kangaroo court. The terrible circumstances that accompanied this court, the suspicious death of the unfortunate Slobodan Milosevic, the series of highly suspect accusations, the funny choice of witnesses whose impartiality could be put in doubt. The main accused in the Lockerbie bombing insists on his innocence. If guilty, I agree he shouldn't have been released even as a mercy case but until now, and despite his conviction, doubts persist.

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