By William Markiewicz

Israeli and Western efforts to prevent Iran from having nukes only increase Iranís determination to have them, which at the end is inevitable. Iran uses threats to prevent Israel from acting by saying that in response they will attack Israeli nuclear installations. Logically, it may cause Israel to think twice before attacking Iran. Israel is secretive about whether it has nukes or not but it would be better for Israel to admit they have them Ė true or not Ė and send a threat to Iran: attack us and we will respond with nukes on Iran. It would certainly be a more efficient deterrent than a threat to destroy Iranís specific installations which could always be rebuilt. Iran doesnít really need nukes because nobody will profit in attacking Iran, and, besides Israel, nobody fears Iran. All the present wars of invasion in Southeast Asia are a knee jerk reflex, among the most unnecessary wars in history. Russia learned a lesson after the defeat in Afghanistan and now it is the Westís turn to learn a lesson not to start a new war with a new country. Facing the concrete threat of Iran, Israel is fully justified in having nukes. The secret is unnecessary. Instead of provoking a surprise war with Iran, a clear, direct Israeli warning would be sufficient and cheaper. The US will lose its argument that American bases in Eastern Europe are protection against "rogue" Iran. Saddam Husseinís Iraq was not such a rogue and now we know it. Once Iran is no longer a hostile shadow on the political horizon and once Russia stops being a Western target, the US bases in Eastern Europe will finally make no sense and the whole world will breathe easier. So, on the present crazy political carousel, if Israel deals correctly with Iranian danger, everybody else may slowly gravitate toward long lasting peace.

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