By William Markiewicz

Reports about events in Central Asia have all but disappeared from the media -- certainly from the front pages. Instead, it's business as usual while the butchery in Iraq and Afghanistan continues. For the spoiled Westerner it is also business as usual. The threat of a terrorist attack in the West has gradually diminished; all sides are aware that the war would just continue with no drastic changes. The Orient declines economically, intellectually and politically, which isn't bad news for the invaders. Iraq was a modern country in the Muslim world; the Iraqi scientists and artists had a deservedly high reputation. Women played an equal role with men. The economic situation was rather good. Religious dictatorship was unknown. Today's Iraq is an intellectual desert; who can, runs away. The religious terror is the inheritance of the Western invasion. The population seems to have no preoccupation other than mutual extermination in the name of sectarian fundamentalism. Another benefit for the Western countries involved in this war: each society has its fringe of aggressive individuals. In peacetime they may get in trouble with the authorities. In times of expeditionary forces, those individuals, far away, can exhaust their tendencies to their bosses' satisfaction. We assist in a total return to archaic medieval world politics.

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