By William Markiewicz

Writers and all creators who are inspired by reality don't try to communicate their emotions to their audience. Regarding creators whose field of action is realism, like reporters and other nonfiction writers, realistic painters, sculptors, etc., their emotion, sensitivity, must be discrete, more guessed at than aggressively presented. Actors and dancers who mime emotions exhibit what they don't necessarily feel.

I've read reports about death row inmates who described theIr feelings of saying goodby to life. Observers were surprised at how banal, uninteresting, were most of those statements. Sometimes solemn, sometimes self pitying, but rather mediocre in literary value, predictable as kitsch. The ultimate reality was pure horror and they couldn't approach this horror. Facing the ultimate, words may be lacking. The pathos, the drama, are ethereal phantoms like aromas or essences; you can write about them but you can't describe the effect on your soul. To describe one's own involvement is like adding aroma to coffee that is already aromatic; you can only alter the authenticity. People who describe their love for instance, their joys or pains, with great ahs and ohs, impoverish the rich, perhaps fabulous experience. In all situations we can describe the provoking action and reaction. In all that overwhelms, we can describe. When we try to analyse, to define, we can only state the obvious, with kitsch as a result.

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