By William Markiewicz

Polish children’s poet of the 30s, Jan Brzechwa, wrote a verse about a centipede that was invited to the Biala (White). Having so many legs slowed down the creature’s travels. The front legs forgot what to do when the centipede directed its attention to the hind legs. When the centipede finally got all its legs to work together, the Biala had been repainted Zielona (Green) and the centipede had not been invited to the Green.

This metaphor reminds us of the elementary truth that promises have to be executed rapidly, otherwise the situation changes, people change, desires change and a simple problem becomes complex and troublesome. Had those promises given by authorities to the Native tribes been executed as soon as possible, we wouldn’t have this explosive situation today in Southern Ontario.

The simultaneous troubles in England remind us of other unnecessarily provoked situations. The wars in the Middle East and Central Asia brought masses of immigrants from those countries to the West with their heritage and passions.

The terror provoked by extremist elements will be handled and finally resolved not so much by the police and army as by politicians. Peace in the East may augur peace in the West.

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