By William Markiewicz

We have the habit of judging each situation as starting from scratch, ignoring the very first causes. Sometimes it is a little snowball that sets off an avalanche and this first little ball is usually forgotten. In medicine two attitudes collide. General medicine and the patient usually concentrate on the obvious symptoms, often forgetting the cause that may be too small or too far distant in time to be remembered. Comes homeopathy that gives primary importance to first causes and tries to heal from scratch, even if results are less clear in the beginning and healing takes more time. For the majority of people it seems too long. A direct assessment is more spectacular, and gives the impression that something is really happening. But the final result may be slower to achieve than ever. Let’s apply those attitudes to politics.

The whole ‘innocent’ world has forgotten that today’s power of Hamas and Hezbollah are the fruit of not respecting the signed treaty that doesn’t allow Israeli settlement on the West Bank. The power of the Taliban and Al Qaeda are shoots from the same stem. Let’s remember how the galloping degeneration of the situation started. First: the ridiculous ultimatum on TV (see “When the Lie is Repeated, it Becomes the Truth"), then September 11th provided an argument to attack Afghanistan and Iraq. Regarding Iraq, the pretext was deliberately phoney – WMD, etc.

If Israelis had immediately quit the settlements, Hamas would have almost instantly lost the Palestinian population’s support because who wants to fight and suffer eternally for a dream of fighting the ultimate ‘devil’ who has stopped being one. Without Palestinian support, Hezbollah would also have lost its main source of power. The Lebanese would not support eternal war just for the sake of revenge.

And what should be the next step toward peace in the Middle East? Israel gave up Sinai because it judged Egypt to be a very important neighbour. Syria is also a very important neighbour, and giving the Golan Heights back to Syria would have the same effect as returning Sinai to Egypt. The Jordanian population doesn’t oppose peaceful relations between Jordan and Israel and the Maghrebian population doesn’t oppose peaceful relations either. As far as I know Israelis travel peacefully to Magrheb.

The ‘theory of eternal hatred’ is valid only toward the weaker. Being strong and fair assures you peace. Strong and unfair condemns to eternal corrosive war with whoever feels targetted.

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