By William Markiewicz

We are so submerged in the depths of the absurd that we stop perceiving the light and become totally vulnerable to the arguments of those who use their authority to convince. I propose Sherlock Holmes’s method: ‘from the thread to the spool’ to find out for ourselves how the whole mess started, which will at once immunize us against the official propaganda.

Like most disasters, things started from something very small; two gentlemen, very satisfied with themselves and their own power, Mr. Bush and Mr. Sharon, declared on TV: “First you make peace and then we negotiate”. I saw it myself and couldn’t believe what I saw and heard. This of course enraged the other side because there couldn’t be a greater expression of disdain toward the weaker adversary. And those targeted adversaries effectively lost their mind and reacted disproportionately to that verbal provocation. There is a saying, ‘Don’t use cannon against a sparrow’ – their September 11th acts turned against them. In effect, the public never remembered the provocation and became vulnerable to the official argument that the horror of September 11 occurred with no provocation and was an expression of hatred for the West and Western lifestyles (!). It is, of course, a total absurdity. For centuries there was no ‘culture shock’ so why would it suddenly erupt now? Goebbels said, “If you repeat the lie often enough it becomes the truth.” Millions on both sides were hypnotized by the argument of the West. The ‘fight against terror’, artificially conceived may last a long time. The ‘West’ and the ‘East’ now confront each other more than Communism and Capitalism during the Cold War. The burning candle of the absurd ultimatum on TV engendered a fire against ghosts.

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