By William Markiewicz

Why can’t Israel --and even Bush -- destroy Hezbollah? For the same reason that Communism couldn’t destroy Solidarity in Poland. Why did the Shah of Persia have to step down, why have all the popular movements throughout history won? Franco, probably one of the most brilliant politicians even if he didn’t believe that Franqism would end with him, had enough intuition to lighten oppression before he stepped down for health reasons. A surreal atmosphere accompanied the falling of Communism in Poland as with the failing of Franquism in Spain. Israel should know better if it tries to crush – whom? – by bombing Lebanon. Only nukes can create a tabula rasa in a small country. Prolonging the bombing is no more advantageous than the elephant's folly in the china shop. Israel increases its coming isolation; only something very drastic can save it from itself. Israel is too strong and doesn’t have enough vision to take the drastic steps it needs to finally ensure what it pretends to fight for: survival. Israel is also too weak to accomplish what it desires: total victory despite the might of its far away and unreasonable ally. Israel must abandon the pipe dream of destroying Hezbollah and countless other enemies. Is Israel “justified”? Israel needs a man of genius, a strong leader to declare the truth to its people: "Forget about "justification" and let’s do the necessary before the impending catastrophe: Let’s resolve all the problems at once: Let’s immediately stop all action in Lebanon. Let’s leave immediately (and I mean ‘immediately’) the West Bank and Golan Heights."

Russia wasn’t afraid to take drastic and unexpected steps even if Gorbachev’s basic error was that he didn’t package it in a series of negotiations. Israel is not yet isolated and, to keep its moral advantages, it should surprise the world with something unexpected.

Until now Israel has lead a losing battle; the sooner it sees it, the fewer the consequences. Russia, during the worst of situations declared; “Our economy is in shambles, our army is weakened, but we still have our nuclear power which we will use to defend ourselves in case of aggression.” Israel has its intact military might as a deterrent for Hezbollah, Hamas or whoever. Without immediate motivation, nobody will continue the attacks, The cost is too great and the gain, minimal.

Bush can continue his dialogue with God about total triumph. It should no longer be Israel’s concern. “Don’t stay in the sickbed with a healthy head.” (old Jewish proverb).

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