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July - August 2006 edition

The Vagabond: attached to nothing, aware of everything

In this issue:

Open Bouquet --

Impending Apocalypse (8/23), Just Astonishing (8/20), Not in the Canadian Tradition (8/19),
Lebanon a victim – of whom? (8/13), Who, What and for Whom? (8/09),
The Pashtun Warriors Admired by Kipling Advance toward Their Date with Death (8/05),
Jerusalem and Holy Places (8/02), Israel Should Follow Russia's Example (7/25), The DaVinci Code (7/19),
Toward an Enigmatic Outcome (7/16), Myth of Total Superiority (7/13), The Humbug of WMD (7/04)
Israel's Fight for Survival Starts Now (8/16)
This War Must Stop! (8/11)
The Power of Numbers (8/06)
"Less Culture and More Conquered Enemy Banners ..." (8/05)
Imposing Democracy (7/30)
Cul de Sac (7/28)
Towards a ‘Homeopathic” Attitude in Assessing Situations (7/23)
"When the Lie is Repeated, It Becomes the Truth" (7/07)
Justice / Injustice (7/01)
Compendium to New Extracts of Existence (34) (7/08)
Communication Page --
They hate us for our beliefs ... (8/11), Israel, Hezbollah-Serbs, Kosovo... (7/30),
"Gaza is Free ..." (7/15), "First Peace, Then Negotiations" ... (7/13)

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