By William Markiewicz

Up to now the struggle has been essentially for the dream of holding on to assets. Survival -- yes, but with the fruits of victories; Golan Heights, West Bank, the Old City of Jerusalem... Now that Israel's absolute military superiority has become a question mark, it's time to switch from euphoria to the notion of reality (mortality?). Israel is the only country with a tiny territory in an ocean of enemies who are constantly increasing their power. Nuclear superiority doesn't serve a tiny country for much because one nuclear riposte could be enough to practically wipe it from the surface of the earth. In the interview with Wolff Blitzer, "the potential future prime minister of Israel" announced a great victory for Israel because some leading Hezbollah figure fell in battle; the future prime minister and she doesn't know that people are replaceable? And if in fact Hezbollah stopped its activities from Lebanon, how will Israel handle the epidemics of suicide bombers that might appear from elsewhere? Will it incessantly bomb the Palestinian territory so that the world can count which side kills more civilians? The punisher becomes a prisoner of his punishment. The terrorists, mostly young angry men, live for revenge; the punisher lives to face his helplessness. Living from dream to dream leaves little ground for awakening. Wet nurse Bush will not be eternal. Time for Israel to face the truth, from adolescent dream to adult dream for survival.

During the scandal of Israel's spying on the USA, a Jewish speaker from some Association like "Israel -USA" declared on TV. "We made a mistake; it's time to correct it and pass on." It was the way a man should speak. A lot can be forgiven when the apology comes frank and fast. Israel is defying the world and has become used to this untenable situation and to its illusion of invulnerability; huge armour hiding a flimsy body. Israel still can surprise the world by declaring frankly: "we went wrong in keeping the West Bank, Golan Heights, Old City of Jerusalem"... and then give it away fast and unconditionally like Russia gave freedom to the former Soviet Republics. Israel can only win from that new situation because if terror strikes from Palestine, it would no longer be from some ill defined Territory and some terrorists, but from another state -- Palestine -- and Palestine will be unable and unwilling to wage war against Israel. No matter what local conflicts persist, for the first time Israel, will not be the initial reason and can remain uninvolved.

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